Programs we support

October Domestic Violence Awareness Month

About the Program: Every year The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence hosts the October Domestic Violence Awareness Month and every year WAFAA gets involved. Although each year has different events the message is still the same and our organization unites to help people become aware of tragedies that have happened and help prevent them from happening again.

Our Goals: Continue to create awareness about domestic violence around the northern New Jersey area

Anger Management and Dating Violence Workshops

About the Program: We also have held anger management and dating violence workshops around the northern New Jersey area. In these workshops we provide a safe environment for victims who are in need of advice and assistance.

Our Goals: Reach out to organizations who need speakers for these issues and continue to help those in need

Food Donations

About the Program: Every Thursday we distribute food to the elderly and individuals with special needs as well as religious institutions.

Our Goals: Expand our current area of distribution and be able to help those just out of our reach

Thanksgiving & Christmas

About the Program: Every year we contribute our time and money to giving out free turkeys and gifts during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons to those in need.

Our Goals: Continuing to fundraise and supply others with turkeys and gifts every year

Partnership with Mustard Seed Communities

About the Program: Mustard Seed Communities is an organization based in the Dominican Republic who care for children and adults with disabilities by giving them proper nutrition, education, and vital survival skills. We have partnered with them by donating two of their most needed products, diapers and baby formula.

Our Goals: Continue to raise funds and create a mission trip to the Dominican Republic

-Community Service

-College Credit/College Internship

-Summer Youth Program

-Anger Management